Corona Virus - September Update

Europe is opening again!
After most of Europe closed earlier this year, Europe is now starting to re-open and ready to welcome to 'Interrailer's'. There are some things you should take into consideration when planning to Interrail for the remainder of 2020. Up to 90% of regular international trains in western and central Europe are now back to normal.

This page can be used for guidelines into what you should take into consideration, however, it is completely impossible to be completely updated with the ever-changing situations. For that reason, we strongly encourage everyone before setting off on their travels to check the health and travel advice of Finland's Foreign Ministry website. 

Travelers should also check the travel advice of the countries they plan to visit as well as the current travel restrictions of railways that are relevant to their trips. You can check the latest advice from the European Commission's Re-Open EU website here.

Interrail is not liable for any country or railway's decision to refuse or limit travel.